About the Artist

Carissa has a varied portfolio, though she enjoys the macabre a bit more than the average person.  This enjoyment of dark, creepy, and weird shows in her work.


Carissa has no formal art education.  She works with various mediums and has slightly different styles for each.  Most of her paintings are based on experiences and feelings.  Many of her paintings are visual metaphors and using abstract concepts.  "I like to visualize the answer to questions that pop into my head.  What does anger look like?  What is the limit of things you can tell someone with flowers?" Carissa C, 2017


No matter what medium she is using bright colors are a staple in her work.  "I want the colors to melt peoples faces off." Said Carissa when asked about why her creepy works are so bright.  "The bright colors are not usually associated with dark, creepy or serious subject matter.  That is what makes them creepier... Like the soundtrack for Jaws."


Carissa has only recently focused on art as a career.  She has already participated in several "dark" events including Urban Unglued's Dark in the Park and Crypticon.


In addition to creating art, she enjoys walking in parks and cemeteries, quite places.  She reads a wide variety of books, plays table top games (Gloom for the win,) and watches movies (mostly horror movies and foreign films.) 

All images are copyrighted © by Carissa Carnahan. The use of any image from this site is prohibited unless prior written permission from the artist is obtained.

Based out of Tacoma, Washington, USA

carissa at happygothart dot com

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