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Status Update: Happy 2018

Happy first blog post of 2018.

I was not sure what to right about. The turn of the year was quite interesting...

There were some bad things that happened. Mostly caused be the poor financial situation I am in right now. They were expected, and I do not see one of them as being that bad.

I have been applying for creative type jobs. I am extremely grateful for the job I have, but I would like something a bit more stable, higher pay, and better hours. Food on the table is great, but I would like to be able to keep the roof over my head also. Wish me luck!

I took a week off art and the blog (did you notice?) I wanted to rest up and refresh my view point. Maybe try to come up with something cool to write about (failed at that.) I started four paintings, and set up a few small drawings, as experiments of sorts.

I need to come up with something for Valentines day... None of my current ideas get the fire burning so I keep kicking things around my head hoping that one will click and work.

I do not have any solid plans for events this year. The cool ones that I did last year, have not put out anything for this year (yet) and money is tight. I would like the creative jobs to help find out what events are available. Some are hard to find if you do not know where to look.

I should have some art to share on Thursday.

Happy New Year!

May 2018 bring good things, or at the least be better than 2017 was.

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