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OMG! A scheduled Blog Post!


A blog post on the scheduled day? How could I!

In all seriousness I just did not have anything to write about. It is challenging to come up with something to write about twice a week.

It would be awesome if you awesome readers could give me a hand.

Question and Answer Sketch

I am not sure what to write on Mondays. I ran out of motivation for Motivation Monday, and my life is just not interesting enough for me to post about that weekly.

I was thinking about doing product reviews or some simple tutorials.

Maybe a random topic selected from a comment on a previous post, or from Facebook or Instagram?

Ask me a question or give me a suggestion so I can write about that on Mondays!

It gets better!

The person's who question I choose to answer will get free art!

Questions should be art or business related.

Leave a comment or send me an email at carissa at artbycarissac dot com.

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