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Happy President's Day!

I just burnt my mouth on some Hot Apple Cider. Ooooowwww.

That will teach me to start something and forget that the drink is still hot.

That is not what I am going to write about today.

Honestly I have no idea what to write about. Monday blog posts are hard for me. If I have been lazy over the weekend, then I have not much to write about. If I was active, I forget that I need to write and then become stumped.

Today is a mixture of both. I was lazy and I have not done much since Thursday (lots of reading!) I did get my butt in gear yesterday and started something new. I did a bunch of errands today AND started a silkscreen project!

I have been thinking about all the meaningful and mundane things that I did (most of us probably did) with our parents. Trips to the grocery store, having a meal in a diner, fishing, swimming lessons, just going for a walk. Maybe even the silly things like dressing in their cloths, stealing their cigarettes, and playing house.

Mostly I have thought about all the times I went to the grocery store. I cannot even remember the mundane ones. I remember the one where I vomited in the car as soon as we got home, chicken noodle soup all over the passenger side. I remember the trip where one of us kids was riding the back of the cart and the other rammed it into the apple display. I also remember the one where I got separated and lost. One of my favorites is the time we went shopping and had to ride the bus. I had to help carry groceries and Mom asked me to itch her nose.

Despite those I know there were some that were actually good mundane trips. Where we did not cause a problem for mom or have anything that made it memorable, but it is still worth cherishing. Mundane events that, maybe, someone watching had a nice thought. These are the ones I want to try to capture because those are the special ones. They have all the feelings because no-one thinks they are special.

I have a few ideas for camping "memories" and eating out. I am always interested in suggestions to add to the list of things to paint or draw.

No drawing or illustration for today's post.

I am also going to be busy this week. I am trying out another new job.

Plus gearing up for Emerald City Comicon. So close yet so far away.

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