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Just a Little To Much

I am writing this on a Sunday. I have time today and I am avoiding doing other things, so the blog post seemed the least stressful. It also needs to get done. Win, win, win.

I rediscovered some music this week, Sia's Cheap Thrills and AronChupa's Little Swing. They are both upbeat and a bit "retro." I would throw them in with my ElectroSwing playlist. I added another Paloma Faith song also, Changing. Technically it is a Sigma song, but I like several other Paloma Faith songs and that is how I found this one.

I listen to a lot of differnt music genres. My spouse things my YouTube playlist has multiple personalities. I do not really care and I like them all. Everything from Modest Mouse to Tom Jones, Glass Animals to Enya. I even have some Skillet and David Guetta. I am just saying a wide variety.

Do you stick to a single genre or do you listen to a wide variety? Are the seperated or smushed together like mine?

The title of this is "Just a little to much" because I have to many things going on this coming week and I am having trouble picking one thing to work on at a time. They are all important and (portugal, the man- Feel it still is on) I am worried that I will "forget" about some of them as I focus on others.

This kind of things happens from time to time. It is why I prefer to work on one thing at a time, not six, like I have now.

I am working on two paintings, some resin art, cleaning for my birthday "party" at the end of the week, and I am working four days tomorrow. The jobs drain my energy (which I do not have much of right now) and I worry about getting everything done at an acceptable quality. (Sing it Chris Willis in David Guetta's "Love is Gone." This video is fun.)

I think the overwhelming thing is that I am trying to remember all the ideas I have and want to do AND keeping track of all the things I HAVE to do (like work and cleaning.)

Ooo. Yeah. That is totally it. I should make notes about the other things I want to create. Then I can check them off as I do them. That sounds like a smart thing to do.

Here is one of the paintings I am working on. I am not recording the process. I forgot to set up the camera. Plus I have been moving around with it a lot. Sitting on the sofa or an arm chair and at the easle, plus I have been turning it around a lot.

Next is this experiment with resin I have been working on. I want to try some abstract stuff. I have these little acitate circles that I am going to resin bits of paper and other things to. Other things being glitter and gold leaf. The inital experiments were reasonably successful, I hope these work out also.

I have NOT worked on a video for this week yet. I was so frusterated with the issues last week that I have been avoiding it. I have several that are mostly finished. I just have to do the finishing touches.

Honestly, I may end up redoing them. I do not know.

Another thing to add to the growing list of things to do.


It never seems to end.

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