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The past week was pretty busy. I got two music themed skulls done, Country music and Classical music (attached image. The music notes are bits of music from Hendel, Vivaldi, and Mozart.) I was able to get another time lapse video done, and quite a bit of reading, two or three books. I also had some cool ideas for new art show pop into my head. I also started on another addition to my Alice in Wonderland series, the White Rabbit.

My spouse got our desktop working and I can now edit video and images on it. No more waiting 2-4 hours for things to process on my laptop! Hazzah! I hope to be able to get a bunch of videos done over the next few weeks. Hopefully there will be no more missed weeks.

I have been told I need to work on my scripts for the videos. They are negative and self defeatist. I absolutely agree with that assessment. I find it hard to talk about the art in the videos. I am not sure why, they are only two minutes long (most of them.) How hard can it be to be positive about the art for two minutes? Really tough for me, apparently.

I just had a thought… I am sure I am like that in person at events also. Something to think about before July with Dark in the Park.


I updated my Pinterest! This one is under the header “happy goth” since I have done a lot of work with bones, skulls, and internal organs. So far it is just the stuff that I have prints of and have listed on my website. It is still something neat to check out and follow.

Here is the video for this week. A nice little mixed media thing I did last year. I called it “Spicy Ramen Challenge” since the challenge was popular when I painted this.

(ps the video is available. It just shows up like this because I wrote this before the video was available for viewing.)

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