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Half Way Point

We are just over half way through June and 2018. Plus we are also two and a half weeks until Dark in the Park.


I am so excited.

I finally got the last of my supplies so I can finish off my extra secret project. I cannot wait to show you all what I have been working on for the event.

I did not do much art last week. I spent the time getting things ready to be printed, looking for a job, and being generally lazy. As one who is unemployed ends up being. Not because I do not want to be productive, but it is frustrating not getting call backs or even email replies.


I went out and did things this weekend!

Tacoma has started a small Saturday Art Market. I hope I can get some money together and be a part of it. Doubly so once I get my super secret stuff finished. I think I would do alright, and it would be good to get my name out to local people.

The real purpose of my outing was to go to Fremont Fest and see what kind of vendors they had this year. I missed last year, and did not check out the vendors they year before. I was pleased with the wide variety and even some awesome creepy things.

The last Market I went to was the South Lake Union Saturday Night Market. I was disappointed in this market. There was not much there other than food. I thought it might be because of Fremont Fest, but apparently it is not. There is always way more food then arts and crafts. This makes me glad that I did not apply to be a vendor at it. And I do not think I will unless they get as much arts and crafts as they have food.

I will be keeping an eye out for more market things.

This coming weekend is Taste of Tacoma. I am going to go and look around, see what there is to see and smell what there is to smell. Maybe one day I can be a vendor at it.

Dreams, dreams.

This week's video is the Punk Rock Skull time lapse video. My voice over is much more energetic than usual. I also put a lot of effort into showing the different parts of the painting.

I always want feedback on how these videos are, so leave a comment and let me know!

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