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Friday the 13th!


Friday the 13th is this weekend!

Dark in the Park is this weekend!

I have also posted a bunch of photos of some resin bookmarks, pendants, or keychains. Each item can be used several different ways. I am so excited. You will have to visit my Facebook or Instagram, OR the social medial page here, to see them.

This week I upload a video for some of the art I have created for Dark in the Park, this weekend! This video shows me painting Cthulhu.

I was super excited to paint this. I have wanted to paint a Lovecraftian monster for a while. Cthulhu is one of the only monsters that have a good description. The rest of his monsters are ambigous, gigantic, and ill defined. Not to mention the genealogy is almost as crazy as the one for the Norse, Roman, and Greek gods.


I was so happy with how this one turned out I did a Nightmare Before Christmas one! Jack rising from the ocean and delivering some kind of snowy gift to a shadowy figure.

I tried pretty hard to make sure I got a decent Tim Burton vibe with the landscape. That was probably the hardest part. The movie is dark and you do not ever really focus on the landscape with the exception of the curly hills and silhouettes of houses, tomb stones, and trees.

Enjoy the video.

If you have time this weekend visit me in Pacific Washington for Dark in the Park and get your creepy on.

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