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Dark in the Park Review

July has been a crazy month so far. The highlight as been the Dark in the Park event. Dark in the Park coencided with Friday the 13th (fitting) and Pacific Days, in Pacific, Wa.

There were so many awesome vendors. I only had a few chances to check them out. I have seen some of them at other events.

I think my favorite was Black Hound Emporium. They make the most awesome jack-o-lanterns! I really liked one that was wearing a plague mask, though there were others that made me almost as happy. One was a cyclops with an awesome goofy eye. <3

It was hot the whole weekend. Because of the heat most of the sales occured in the evening. All the smart and sane(er) people stayed in their homes or cars until things cooled off. This was fine by me, it was to hot to think about much other than making sure you had water.


During Saturnday and Sunday mornings I ended up painting. I wanted to distract myself from the heat and stop flitting around my area in an annoying manner (I was annoying myself.) The first one (done Saturday) was a skull with tentacles. I had not painted one before. They are also kind of average and typical, not much creativity was needed to think of it. I did put some effort into it, I wanted it to be good even if it was not very original.

Saturday an awesome lady bought THREE originals! That totally made my day... maybe closer to year. I hope she is able to send me a photo later, I forgot to take one. This made me pretty happy (as I said already) and I started painting something to show it. A nice skeleton with some heart balloons, because I was happy and at a dark event. It seemed appropriate, fun, and not overly complicated.

Even with the horrific heat, I had a good time. I sold art to awesome people who appreciate it and will give it a good home. I was able to add more people to my subscription list. I was able to get my creepy on and be comfortable with it.

I hope I can be a vendor again next year. Maybe it will be a more reasonable temperature; ;)

I am contemplating opening my Etsy store and listing the remaining bookmarks/charms/pendants. I might also list these two originals, as they were done last minute and did not sell. If you are interest in these guys send me a message, they are only $20. There are no prints of them. I like the one with the heart balloons and may work it into a full painting in ink wash in the future.


There is an event in mid August that I am going to look into. I did it last year, it was my second or third event, but it was not very good for me. I have learned a lot in the past year and think I will do better this year. I hope they still have space. If you are in the Tacoma area in mid August, check out Music and Art in Wright Park.

Today's video is the "baked" skull. For all my marijuana using goth (and generally dark) friends.

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