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If I was Smarter...

If I was smarter I would have used my time off last week wisely. I did not.

I lazed around and did not do much of anything.

I feel guilty for doing it. I would have loved to get a bunch of things around the house done. The weather and my energy levels just were not working with my desires. I ended up watching movies and playing dumb cellphone games.

The consequence is I am editing and uploading video and writing a blog entry instead of exercising or getting ready for bed. Everything is getting pushed back an hour so I can get this done.

I will be working four days at my day job. My art time and energy levels have just gotten that much more precious. I need to use my time better so I can get all the stuff I want to complete done. October is going to be a busy month and I need to make sure I am ready to go.


I have started a private gouache painting, I will show some of the work once I get past the line phase. I am planning for Inktober and doing some practice sketches. It is going to be people heavy, and they are not my strong area. I am also starting another palette knife painting. I will share that once I get something other than the lines down.

Lots of "starting" and "planning" going on this week.

This past week I finished a palette knife painting. It was fun and I want to do another one of a similar subject. I also finished a set of experimental paintings. I wanted to see how a subject would look in different mediums. So I painted a little scene in Ink Wash, Gouache, and Acrylic. They all have things I think are good and some that are not great. I also had not painted like this with acrylic paints in a long time. I felt that I had forgot how to paint. I need to do more acrylic paintings with brushes.


I have not taken nice photos of any of last weeks art yet. All that time I lazed away over the weekend.

And without anymore delay here is this weeks video! Another one of those that is fairly timely, as in I got the video edited not long after I painted the piece. Hazzah!

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