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Inktober Halfway Point and an Art Auction?

Happy middle of Inktober! I am so happy to have made it half way.

It has been really interesting doing the videos live. This is an experiment to see if I am interested in doing more live content. Maybe on Youtube or get a Twitch channel... Who knows, we shall see.

You can watch the videos on the Happy Goth Art Facebook feed. I am doing one every day at 7:30pm Pacific.

The images are in the gallery below, in order!

Art Auction?!


I have so much art right now. I NEED to clean house. I will be hosting an art auction on Happy Goth Art's Facebook (there is a lot of "creepy" things.) I plan on running the auction for 1 hour on October 27th. It will start at 6:15pm. That gives me 15 minutes to change modes for the Inktober stream.

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