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The absent artist... (Archive from 2020)

I have been busy making art! Yaaaay.

The downside is that I have been neglecting the website(s.)

Tonight I added the leftover masks to the Happy Goth Art Store.

I will be moving more of my art over to HGA and discontinuing Art By Carissa when my renewal time comes around. It is expensive maintaining both sites. I feel HGA is more me and aligns with where I want to go. I don't feel as creative under the ABC umbrella.

Either way, the blog is still under ABC and will be until the renewal time arrives. Then it will be moved to HGA.

Now for all the real news.

  • I have found an art market in Tacoma that is actually open and doing events. I did 2 events in August and will do more in the future. These take quite a bit of energy to prep for. Especially since I like to have at least one new thing to sell. I have been pushing myself to create new things.

  • I have been streaming 2-3 times a week on Twitch. I just reached the follower amount needed for the Affiliate level. This means in 30 days I will be able to have subscribers and all the cool and fun things that come with being an Affiliate.

  • You can watch me create all sorts of art and maybe inspire me to create something. I have a great track record for using the chat musings for some fun art. Dumpster fire and Brain Icecream are examples. It is also a good place to ask me to explain my process for whatever medium I am using at the time.

  • I will be adding more masks to the store. Any of the digital art creations can be put on a mask, except the seahorse unicorn. That was a commission.

  • Stickers will also be coming soon.

  • All the art! Here are all the fun things I have created since... well I am not sure when... Mostly July and August... Looks like a few from June also. Dang I have been neglecting the website.

In summary, it has been busy! Check out the shop on Happy Goth Art if you want to purchase something.

See you the next time I manage to do an update.

Thank you for your support <3

Original Post on Aug 27, 2020.

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