The story of Pandora's Box is an interesting one.  I discovered that there are a few ways to interpret the story.  The common one is that Pandor opened a box containing all kinds of evils.  The evils escape and Pandor puts the lid back on the box trapping hope inside.


The one depicted is a bit different.  Instead of holding evils the box (shown as a jar here) there are all the good things about humans in the box, what the Romans called Graces.  In this version, the box is opened and all the good things about humans escape, only trapping Hope.  I used a jar for two reasons, 1.  The word was mistranslated and should have been jar anyway. 2. The jar is clay, the same material the Roman myths say humans are created from.  This makes the jar a representation of humans.


The flowers representing the Graces are:

Joy = Crepe Myrtle, 

Harmony = Phlox,

Security = Plumeria,

Fairness/Honesty = Platycodon

Mercy/Compassion = Red Lotus

Freedom = Bird of Paradise

Happiness = Pink Rose

Peace = Olive Branch

Worth = Buttercup

Hope = Snowdrop


Ink wash on Bristol paper.

9x12 inches

No frame.

Also available as a 8x10 Laser print or Fine Art Print.

Graces Escape - Original