Can't have the one you want for Valentine's day?  No problem, we have a charm for that!

  • Witch hazel to start the spell,
  • vervain for enchantment,
  • venus fly trap to catch the one, coral rose for desire,
  • creme tulip for forever love,
  • red tulip for love,
  • poppies to take them to oblivion and
  • fern for fascination.


8x10 inch fine art print.


Also available as a 8x10 laser print.

Love Charm - 8x10 Fine Art Print

  • Each print is prepared and printed as requested. I use Epson inks, and either Elegance Velvet Fine Art Paper or Optica One 300gsm, depending on the medium of the original.

    Since these are ink prints it is advised that you avoid moisture as the inks will bleed.

    Each print is printed with enough white area to be put into a mat then framed. If you choose not to mat the print you will need to trim the excess to fit the frame.