Most of us are aware of the generalities of the story of Hades and Persephone.  If not it is at the end of the description.

In this Hades has a domain of the earth and all it contains.  This includes the underworld, gems, caverns, and all that live within.  Persephone becomes the goddess of Spring and new growth.  She is described as changing when she heads to the underworld, her blonde hair, and usually bright, garments becoming dark.

There are gold leaf and metallic paints to bring this story to life.


This is an original art work, 17x 14in.  This is an ink wash painting on bristol paper.


A short-ish version of the story. ------------------------------------------------->

Hades, the God of the Earth and Underworld, kidnaps Persephone, the only daughter of Demeter the Goddess Harvest.  Demeter demands that Zeus, God of Thunder / King of the Olympian Gods, force Hades to return Persephone, stating that she will not do her job until her daughter is returned.

Demeter goes into hiding and the world's food sources wither and die without her.

While the world was dying Hades was working to convince Persephone he would be a good spouse.  After months of talking and showing her the wonders of his world, he convinced her to try some of the foods of the underworld.  She gives in and has some pomegranate seeds.

Zeus is finally forced to act and visit the underworld.  Demanding the return of Persephone so that Demeter can get back to work and the world of humans will not die out.

Hades tells Zeus that he would but Persephone had eaten the food of the underworld and could not return to the surface.  Persephone confirms this telling Zeus that she had eaten a few pomegranate seeds.

Talk about a rock and a hard place!

Thankfully Zeus is not a complete idiot.  He negotiates an agreement.  Persephone will stay in the underworld a day for each seed she had eaten (or month depending on your source.)  The rest of the year she would live in the surface world with her mother, Demeter.



Persephone and Hades