The Maw

Acrylic on stretched canvas. I stretched the canvas myself.

4ft tall x 3 ft wide

The edges are painted black.

Descend into the darkness that comes for you.  Deliver yourself unto The MAW.


The Maw is the result of a horrible day.  It started off as a sketch (not included.)  I liked the sketch so much that I got one of my canvas skeletons, and started to put it together to become a painting.  Over the course of two weeks, I worked on The Maw.

It is sealed with two layers of matte varnish.  To get the drool to be shiny and drooly, I mixed a high gloss varnish with an iridescent paint and a touch of yellow.


Due to the different types of varnish used this piece is incredibly difficult to photograph.


This is definately a statement painting.


Shipping is going to be expensive, just a warning.

The Maw


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