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Tuesday, the Least Liked Day of the Week?

For some reason I have a great dislike for Tuesdays. I have though about it a lot and I have come up with a random reason why I do not like them.

Monday's are the start of the work week, generally. Wednesday is the middle of the work week. Thursday is "friday eve" and many clubs tout it as "Ladies Night" and try to have the weekend start a bit early. Friday is with out a doubt the most looked forward to day. Saturday is the day of absolute freedom, and Sunday is at least half a free day.

But Tuesday... Well people generally do not look forward to Wednesday, even though it means the work week is half done. They are still reeling from the shock of Monday and trying to get caught up and adjusted. Tuesdays are the day you realized that you will be doing "this" forever, and there is no end in sight.

I am trying to do my part in making Tuesdays less bad by sharing my art. Not much in the grand scheme of things, but it is something I can do.

Today I have a video of me painting an Alice in Wonderland inspired Cheshire Cat. This is probably the one with the most obvious link to the franchise. Though the Mad Hatter is pretty obvious since I did use his hat from the Tenniel illustrations for the book.

I hope you enjoy this and that you do not let Tuesday get you down, to much.

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