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2018 Year in Review

Phew, what a year.

I am not even sure what order things happened in, it is all a jumble.

I could cruise through my Instagram and order things out a bit, but that will keep me from spending that time actually trying to finish my current project.

I did a video that has most of my art in it. I think it has most. I kept finding paintings that did not get scanned or photographed well as I was looking for pictures of events and some of my experiments.

In summary:

Total = 144 completed art projects


13 acrylic paintings

27 Ink wash paintings

65!! Gouache paintings (31 were Inktober related)

2 digital arts

26 Youtube Videos

10 random projects, Digital art experiments, silk screening, resin, painting on boxes and sticker projects.

6 events and 2 paintins sold at an auction

4 of my paintings were commissions


I remember one of my goals for 2018 was to get better at drawing people. I think I did. I am sure I have a long way to go, BUT my cell phone camera recognizes a human face when I take pics of the drawings with people.

To compare, I have documents of 124 paintings in 2017 and 29 Youtube videos. I do not have any additional metrics that were easy to locate. I might be able to find them at a later date.

My next post will be about my plans or some kind of loose outline for 2019 and what I want to accomplish.

Thank you for following my adventure in 2018 and I hope that you keep following me into the mystery that is 2019.

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