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Still No Art!

The well has been dry for over two months. I have tried many times to get something on paper, canvas, digitally, and even some words. Nothing, nada, zip, zero, zilch.

Art block happens. It sucks.

I have it right now because I have a ton of things going on in my life that I am trying to deal with. I have no extra brain power or physical energy to even contemplate doing art. All my energies are going towards being a functional member of society.

I do not enjoy it.

Last weekend was PAX West. I worked the event as a shift supervisor AND volunteered with the Alexandria RPG Library. I want to say it was fun, but I was so busy I do not even know what was there. I had no time to enjoy anything. I barley made it to the main part of the show. I walked around Monday (last day of PAX West) and saw the Expo floor and the Indie Floor in an hour. I think I was so tired that I just enjoyed the air conditioning.

I do have a drawing due on Friday. I did some sketches last night. Maybe, just maybe, I will be able to use this to get myself focused on art.

Here is a flash back for you. Like a phoenix I will rise back up and create more art.


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