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Friday the 13th and what leads up to it

2021 only has one Friday the 13th. How sad. I have a super cool idea for some fan art. I only had time to get a tiny bit of the way into the project. I am happy that I was able to create something to share with it.

I have been doing a ton of stuff that is leaving me with incomplete paintings and projects. I am not happy about it. I am at the phase in the cycle where I want to jump back into art and finish projects, start new ones, and spend hours and hours on art.

I also want to have complete paintings to share with everyone. Not having complete paintings to share makes me feel like I am letting people down. I am pretty sure I am not letting anyone down. It is all in my head. You amazing people are supportive no matter how fast I finish things.

I appreciate you and thank you so much!

I have been working on finishing up the Plage Dr Who series. I am adding backing to the rounds. I created some prints to add to coasters and keychains. I need to create some square prints for each Doctor. So much to do.

The event I had in Fircrest on Thursday didn't help my stress levels. It went really well, by the way. It messed with my schedule and plans, which I do not like at all. I totally did it to myself. Past me was a jerk to present me. Life sure can be crazy sometimes.

I have been bouncing between my current duties with the Alexandria RPG Library, my art and related tasks, getting ready for Crypticon (both my art AND the Library are going,) and my day job. In fact my day job has been a great escape for a few hours a day. My day job is amazingly repetitive and does not stress me out much. I love it.

I am streaming on Thursdays. Join me for the works in progress. One day I will finish them. The Ultimate Canadian painting is first on the list to be done. I am also working on a commission and that Friday the 13th digital painting. Plus so many other paintings that I have been hiding.

Mwahahahaha. When people join me on Twitch it really helps with my motivation to get things done.

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