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Valentines Day is almost upon us!

Man this year is already starting of strangely. 2021 is either trying to outdo 2020 "hold my beer" style, or trying to excise all the remnants of 2020. Either way, this year is not going as desired, something we should be getting used to by now.

Last year I came up with a random idea for "Love in the Eyes" while doing a weekend event. Things were starting to go weird in February 2020, so I am not surprised that it didn't get much interest. I also didn't push it much. I was not sure how it was going to be received and just didn't push it, even though I really like the painting.

This year I created a Valentine's Day card using digital art. Two skellies that are in love, drinking in the magic of love and letting it surround them. This took over 30 hours, most of it was done on my Twitch stream. When I got the design elements worked out (and a name for it, "Two of Hearts,") I ordered nice prints on cards, stickers, and keychains. I created some cute little gift packs to give to your special someone. And if your special someone is you, you deserve cool stuff that will last longer than flowers and chocolate.

These gift packs are limited, as I only ordered 10 keychains. I have four to sell in my shop and I have 6 in a local shop called Dazed and Reused.

Next month I will reach my 1 year anniversary streaming art on Twitch. It has been amazing and I am so grateful for all the inspiration that my community has provided me with. I have created some amazing things, that I would not have thought of on my own. I never would have actually drawn this dumpster fire if I hadn't been prompted. This lead to so many other cool creations and products (stickers!) and to me growing as an artist.

I am excited to keep streaming and growing. I would love to share the process and learning with everyone. I recommend you check out Twitch and join some of your favorite artists (2D, 3D, Musicians, and crafters.) Use them to learn new skills, expand your skills, or just chill and marvel at the magic humans can create.

I am not going to do a "year in review" post for 2020. Not because I didn't create amazing art, because I did. Not because it was a painful year, 2017 was worse for me. I am not posting because I don't think that it is overly helpful for me. It just makes me compare myself to others and that is not helpful for 2020/2021. We shall see what 2022 brings and how my art progresses.

Thanks for reading. I hope to see you on Twitch or at an event soon!


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