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The Holiday Season Approaches... (Archive from 2020)

The Holiday Season Approaches...

2 months... It has been 2 months since I made a blog post. I REALLY hope you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. They are the places I post most of my current and completed projects. Let's catch up! October: I created new digital art every day. My "theme" was gourds in cosplay. This enabled me to have a super fun project title, Gourdtober. All the art was streamed on my Twitch channel, (you should stop by and check it out. We have lots of fun and you get the nitty-gritty behind my processes.) The month ended in an awkward raffle with two winners. The prizes? Stickers, a tote bag, and face mask of Gourdon King of Gourds. October was so busy, I didn't even think about writing in my blog. I barely had time to do chores, spend time with my spouse, or have personal time. It was so much fun though. I am excited to figure out what I will do next year. <3 My Twitch channel (Happy_Goth_Art) reached the "Affiliate" level. This means people can support me with donations, subscribing to my channel, and participating in my community. This is a huge thing. I am always amazed that people enjoy my art and personality. Even more amazing that they are willing to put their money into keeping me on Twitch. Every time someone buys my art I go through some kind of mini-moral crisis or self-worth crisis. I can't really put it into words, but I am super grateful for every stream, conversation, and art sale. **there is more blog after this giant brick of Gourdtober art.**

November: The first week of November was saved for recovery. It was a good thing I took it off, with the USA Presidential Election and all the craziness that came about. It was a rough period as a friend and I fell out over a difference of opinion. I would love to ask if they walked away because of the actual difference or the way it was said. I don't always say things the best way, and I worry that I lost a friend because of how I said something. I don't have many friends, making this loss that much larger. Being on lockdown... again... isn't helping anything either. Well...It is helping me spend more time on art. I created a bunch of cute bats in ugly Christmas sweaters, an 11x11in Christmas wreath painting, a Christmas centerpiece with a skull in it, and a pretty landscape of a cemetery at Christmas. The bats and wreath became Christmas cards. These cards will go out to any of my Twitch followers who want to use their channel points and/ or loyalty points to get put on the mailing list. I will be sending cards to my family and close friends (obviously.) If you would like a card please send me a message via my contact page, social media DM, or stop by my Twitch stream and let me know. Any unclaimed cards will be sold on my website. OH! I almost forgot about the Friday the 13th Bat. Isn't he the coolest?

The Future: There is a night art market in Tacoma on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. If you can stop by and pick up some original art for your home and loved ones. I know there are going to be some amazing artists and creators there. This is a great place to get special Christmas Gifts. I am bringing some of my original art that has never left my house. Some of them haven't even made it to social media! I would love them to find new homes <3 Like always thank you for reading. Check out my shop for cool things you might like; cards, prints, stickers, and original art. Art makes a great gift! I do commissions! Just drop me a line and I will get working on it.

Originally posted on Nov 21, 2020 on my old website.

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