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Up and Running!

After years of putting it off, I have finally got an e-store. I can sell my art!

I took my time doing it because the thought of selling my art scares me. My friends are supportive and kept asking what I was creating next. When I showed them they asked about buying it. I started an Instagram account to show my art to them, and slowly got a few other followers that like my art. It is really all due to my friends and family that this even got started.

I took my time and built up a collection of things I wanted to do and that other people might like. Each creation taught me something. Each lesson has an impact on the art. I discovered that it is hard to paint/draw without moving the paper. I prefer painting to line drawing. I need to work on drawing people. People like little videos about the process of making a painting.

I am still scared. I do not know if anyone will buy anything. The fear did not stop me from trying.

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