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Ideas Come from Everywhere

In order to get this store up and running I had to push myself to create a bunch of art in a short period of time. Five creations were done in less than 2 months. Four were added to the store, "Secret Language of Flowers" inspired ink wash drawings/paintings. One giant 2ft by 4ft painting I call "the Maw."

"The Maw" came into being after a rough day at my full time job (I wish art was my full time job, but alas, it is not.) I was frustrated and angry and in need of an outlet. Initially this was a little sketch. Then I decided to paint it. I like how it came out. It has a layer of high gloss varnish on the drooly bits.

I am working on two more creations right now. One is another "feeling" based piece. The other is more "Secret Language of Flowers" inspired by a random comment by a person on a FaceBook Group I recently joined. "I hope to see some phoenix drawings." I am sure that what I am going to do is not exactly what she had in mind, but that is the benefit of having an artists prerogative.

I get ideas from everything, everywhere. It does not always hit right away. I walked past a scene everyday for a year before I realized that I kept looking at it. The light hit things just right to prompt an Idea. Then I painted it. Someone will make a random comment and I get an Idea. Suddenly it is alive, on a canvas or paper, and the person does not realize how grateful I am for the idea.

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