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Art as an Output

Art is a great way to get over or come to grips with things in your life that make you happy, sad, angry, frustrated and pretty much any other emotion. Emotions are great fuel for art.

I have created all kinds of art for various feelings. Most of the intense stuff comes from negative emotions such as anger and frustration. Silly doodles come when I am happy.

When I decided I was going to focus on drawing I started out sketching some of the feelings I had related to my "day" job.

Like any other job it has its ups and downs. These came from a really low point. I hope you enjoy them!

Top Left:

Brain Check. Check in your brain so you can do your job. Just do not trust that it will be in the same condition you left it in.

Top Right:

Feed Me... Brains. Audrey 4 has found a use and steady supply of food.


A dive tank for an office. Put on your paper cut protection and dive right in. You know it will still be there tomorrow.

Bottom Left:

Paper Pool. The paper work just never ends. I bet there is some lemon or vinegar around to add to your paper cuts.

Bottom Right:

Point of view. This one is really based off a co-works observation. Why does the boss never seem to hear his/her admin?

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