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I get distracted by things on a regular basis. This makes creating art intersting...

A distraction could be an event. Emerald City ComiCon (ECCC) was last week. I am a Minion for the event. This distracted me from working on any art.

A distraction can be a messy house. Back to ECCC, between working the event and trying to ogle the art, the house work went by the wayside. Due to the mess it has been a challenge to focus on anything art related.

A distraction can be a mood. If I am stuck in an extreme emotion (anger, depression, joy) whatever I am working on will probably get put to the side so I can paint or draw my emotion or feeling. Some of my best art comes from these "distractions."

A distraction can be a person. My spouse is a big distraction. He tries to talk to me, hand me things or touch me, while I am working. He seems to find it fascinating to bother me while I am engrossed in whatever I am working on. To be fair, I do the same thing to him. He started it, though!

A distraction can be another idea. ALL the TIME! I usually have three or four ideas kicking around in my head. I try hard to work on no more than two at a time, Each piece deserves my full attention. I prefer the two to be in different mediums, so a painting and a drawing.

A distraction can be Social Media. I lie, Social Media is a HUGE distraction. Since I have joined two FaceBook art groups, I find myself checking Social Media more often. I also find myself distracted by the art of others. I just want to look at it all the time. I get trapped in scrolling and liking other peoples art.

A distraction can be competition. While browsing Social Media, trapped in the loop of ogling all the art, I find myself comparing my skills and processes to other artists. THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING TO DO! I find myself thinking "I can do that better." or "How can I compete with that?" Art is not about these things. My art is about connecting with people. I want people to get out of their heads and into the head of someone else. I try not to concern myself with what other artists are doing, other than to get inspiration from their work, or learn a new skill.

A distraction can be you. You can be your own worst distraction. You may have a disability or disorder that keeps getting in the way. You may just not as motivated as you would like to be. Your perception of things can keep you from working. Having a bad or negative attitude effects your work and motivation.

It is challenging to get myself back on track. I would love to say that I have some secret that keeps me on any kind of track, but I do not. I only manage because I am motivated to do what I need to so I can reach my goal. Not everyone is goal oriented.

Dueling Light Towers

Above is a painting I did a few years ago for a family member. I really enjoyed doing this. The colors and lighting make me so happy. I hate the clouds. I have so much trouble with them! I would like to paint something similar when I have a few more clouds under my belt.

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