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I am walking two paths right now. Not something I recommend, but it can happen as one lives life. Something that must be done so I can move to a single path. Both my paths have me feeling overburdened.

To find some sort of balance I go for walks.

Today it was only a 40 minute walk. Though a small park with great and old trees, waiting for the sun to warm their branches, letting the buds out of their cocoons. Others are shaggy fir trees, rain water still beading on their great droopy branches. A wind might come through and shake the water off. It will feel like rain again.


I looked at the sky as the sunset ended. One layer of clouds moving so much faster than the other, higher one. It was like a race to see which cloud could get away from the sunset and to the sound first. The background clouds looked as still as mountains in comparison. Eventually even they could be seen to participate in the race, slow and steady.

I walked around a practice baseball field twice. Feeling the water seeping into my right shoe. I could feel the unevenness of the ground as I walked. They have not leveled the field for play yet. There is moss, weeds and even some early grass in many spots. The red clay makes the green stand out even more. I like the little bits of yellow on the tips of the moss and the small white flowers on the clumps of weeds.


As I walk the last block home in the dwindling light. I stop by an old tree. Its massive base is covered in moss. A field of greens and yellows. Lumpy as it grows over the roots of the tree. Some small flowering moss has made its home on top of a bit of leaf debris. Mushrooms have grown with the consistent moisture we have had.

My worries are mostly gone. I have found my balance sometime during the walk. The worries of the days past and days ahead do not seem so bad. If clouds can race, moss survive on the baseball field of packed red clay and mushrooms beat out moss for a spot on a great tree root, then I can survive the rest of the week.

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