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The Art of Seeing

An artist sees the world as it is. They see the forest and the trees, the beach and the sand, the sky and the clouds. They see the bark on the tree, the bits of shell and rocks that make up the sand, the layers of clouds and the textures and colors that separate them.

We see everything as it is.

This is one of the first things an artist must learn. To see the world as it is and not the simplified version most people accept as reality. Once you see things as they are, you can use your imagination to alter reality to communicate with people.

I do not do the basics much. I really should.

Instead I look at things when I go on walks. I look at the branches of the trees and how they look like lace (or does lace look like them?) I see the bits of dead leaves stuck on the branches. I see the way the color of the ends change as new growth starts showing.

Did you know that some tree branch ends are purple until the flowers are gone and the leaves take over? Have you ever looked to see what order the tree leaves fade in the fall? Have observed all the colors of dawn or dusk?

An artist sees all these things.

An artist uses these for inspiration.

An artist recreates the sights they see and add to it.

An artist adds a bit of their soul/spirit/essence. Suddenly you are not just looking at a purple tree branch with maroon and green buds.

You are looking at a possibility.

The possibility of a flowering tree, the possibility of birds, bees, squirrels. The possibility of apples. the possibility of a pie. The possibility of a picnic dinner with a loved one on a summer day in the shade of a glorious tree.

Suddenly you see beyond the "normal" world, with all its duties, chores and restrictions. You can see a future that is different from where you are. You can see a different path, a respite from your humdrum life, or a new point of view.

Brought to you because and artist saw something.

Willow Tree Buds

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