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Social Media, There is lots

Today I decided to spend some time updating various social media accounts that I have.

I did not get very far. I updated DeviantArt two or three times a year. It has been a while. I uploaded all the new images, but I ran out of the motivation to actually type everything out in order to share them.

I have been pretty good about keeping Pintrest up to date. I added some of the newer stuff and created a few new boards.

LinkedIn... well I had some pending notices and I made a few small changes. More changes will come on this one.

I have an accounts with Ello and Flikr also. I should work on those. I have posted 2 or 3 things...

I forget where I have a presence. I focus on the blogs, FaceBook and Instagram (I like Instagram.)

I hope I can get thing moving along. Maybe I need to invest in some "social media" manager software.

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