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What Road Map?

In my last blog post... SOOOO many months ago, I had a nice roadmap planned out for 2023. Oh, the plans I had.

Focus on a topic each month, get Sir Lemon published, travel, go to events and sell all the things, create so much art, put videos on Youtube, personal fitness, and focus on the business end of my art business.

What have I done?

I have created art and I have thought about doing ALL of the other things. I have participated in the local art community and worked on being who I want to be. I have started and gotten distracted from SO MANY projects. Sir Lemon is one of them. I keep trying to get it done and failing. I keep trying to get to the gym, and failing, failing, failing, failing. So many things not getting done.

I feel like I have been working hard, but I also feel like I don't have much to show for it. January and February went great. I got some awesome Sasquatch art done and the vampires were a lot of fun to make. Then March and ECCC happened. I just couldn't get back into the groove I needed to keep up with my plans. Not being able to get back into the groove did a number on my brain and I fell into some art block. Yaaaay.... *sarcasm*

I did a bunch of things to get out of the art block, mostly doing different kinds of art. I created some really neat sculptures and some weird Posca paint pen drawings/paintings and played a bunch of video games. Don't Starve is challenging! The longest I have lasted is 94 days. My goal is 100 days.

One of the big things I have been worrying about is Twitch and social media in general. With the new things Twitch has been enacting (mostly being Twitch exclusive if you are streaming, no more cross-streaming to Youtube or anywhere else.) Meta, Twitter, and whatever other social media platform charing for views and basic security and the push to short-form video content. I just don't know what to do to market my art and myself.

I am just not interested in making videos, I find it really challenging to create and edit stuff, it is not inspiring or interesting to me. However, in this current world, I NEED to create these videos... or do I? The other problem is, I am not interested in making myself "interesting" for social media. I am old enough to have some fun and interesting experiences, but I am not a great storyteller and just don't have the motivation or energy to make myself "interesting' to people. I am just living my life and looking for some community to share my time with.

I have been researching other streaming platforms and other ways to build community without using the internet. I am mostly at a loss right now and kind of spinning my wheels. It is distracting me from art and working on who I want to be.

That is kind of where I am right now. The next few months are going to be crazy between art creation, art markets, and Alexandria Role-Playing Game Library, I am going to be extra busy. Just thinking about it all is overwhelming.

Now for the art that I have done since my last post! It is a lot, even if my brain is telling me that I haven't done much.

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I believe in you! <3 I totally get not wanting to be interesting in order to attract attention, and filming yourself is... Unpleasant. I have found that I like short format writing via email from the quilting people I follow. 3-5 paragraphs of something woth a photo or two, maybe a link.

Carissa C.
Carissa C.
Jun 14, 2023
Replying to

Thanks for the suggestion.

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