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The past week has been rough.

I am so burnt out from my job that I am putting in my notice. I have been doing the job for ten years. It has grown beyond what one person can handle. I have asked for help every month for the last year and none has been forth coming.

Fit, Acrylic on Canvas Painting

The stress is taking its toll on me. I eat when I am frustrated so I keep putting on weight and wasting money on junk food. There is not escape from the food. It is in the cafeteria, gift shop, snack bars (there are two,) and the pharmacy. There are also three convenience stores across the street.

I am so frustrated that I cannot get the motivation to exercise. I do not even really want to work on art, read, or socialize. I just want to hide away in my room and stare at the ceiling. Then all the negative and bad thoughts come. So really, a lose, lose situation.

There are things that I am concerned about. Like having enough money to support the house hold, paying bills and what not. I am concerned that I will not be able to sell any art to help financially. I am concerned that I will not be able to create more art, once I do not have the stress and frustration of the daily grind.

I worry that I will just fail and bring the household down with me.

I just cannot do it any more. Working at a fast food joint slinging burgers or taking orders is more appealing then going into work tomorrow. If I had fewer morals, I might have just walked off the job several years ago.

I have morals and I am pretty stubborn. I do have my limits and they have been reached.

Sad and true.

The image is a painting I did trying to express how I feel about my current situation. It is call "Fit." It is grey-scale acrylic on canvas. My spouse says that he worries when I paint or draw "weird" things. I told him to worry more when I stop. That means I am to far gone.

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