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Super Busy!

After last weeks "busy work" of photographing all my art (an annoying tedious process,) I am...

...still doing "busy work."

The only reason I am not as bummed out about it is that this "busy work" goes places. I have been emailing people all week to try to get into events and maybe be a part of a "art for a cause" showcase.

Today has been particularly fruitful as I have an order for 30 cards (squeee,) a commission, and hopefully the originals of my skull experiment will be heading to their new home (waiting on payment, bah.) I also got replies to several emails and have a few things on the way for my first event in 10 days!


Petrified and excited all at once.

In two days I will be fully self employed. I will no longer be working full time for someone else's dream. I get to work full time for my dream.

Being a pragmatic person, I am still not sure I can do it. I will not know until I try though... right?

I have been so happy with the level of support I have gotten. Everyone I have gotten feedback from is excited and encouraging. It makes me feel that I can do it. "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, said the little train."

I STILL have not made anything new this week.

One of my favorite creations is the "Haunted Dryad." I worked really hard to get it done (still missed by self imposed deadline.) I stayed up late on work nights and worked on it all of my "free time." I barely gave myself any rest. Over 60 hours later (spread out over 2 weeks) and about 1,188,000 dots later it was done. So were many pens, and a good portion of my sanity (so says my spouse.)



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