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Oddmall : Lessons Learned

This weekend was my very first event as a vendor. I learned a lot and have things that I can approve one.

First off, I had a lot of fun. Sunday was better than Saturday. Not necessarily because of sales, but people were more talkative and actually asked questions. I am more than willing to talk about the art all day long.

Stock: I do not have to bring nearly as much as I did. Three or for prints and cards of each design is plenty. This will lighten the load and everything should fit in a rolling suitcase or something similar. Maybe I should try to get one of those crates on wheels.

I also learned that there is never enough table space. I was so sure that I would not have enough stuff to fill the table. Hahahaha... Boy was I wrong. I could have used another 2 feet of table.

I was grateful for the lulls in traffic. Making sure I ate and drank appropriate amounts was important and having restroom breaks was handy. Oddmall offered booth sitters, but I found that they never seemed to be around when I needed them. I had great people on either side of my booth. We watched over each others things during quick breaks.

I look forward to doing more events. I cannot wait to learn about the challenges of doing outdoor events. I already anticipate sunburns and things trying to blow away.

There is only going forward now :)

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