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I was at a loss about what to blog about today. Then I hit 100 Facebook Page followers. So I drew a cute little thank you on a "scrap" piece of paper.

100 may not seem like a lot to people. For the longest time I kept my circles small. I just hit 150 on my personal page after having the account for eight or so years. Many are people I worked with, more are people I have met since I started doing art full time.

100 is a landmark.100 people think that art is worth their time. 100 people think I am actually creating something interesting enough for them to spend their time on. 100 people think my art is worth looking at. Hopefully, given enough time, I can get 100 more people who think my art is worth a few of their precocious seconds. Maybe they will decide that it is worth a bit of their hard earned money also.

I am actually supposed to be doing nothing this week. I wanted a week of rest and relaxation after leaving my previous job and rushing to ensure I had everything ready for the Oddmall Event.

I just cannot seem to stop!

In addition to the cute little mice mountaineers, I also started the lines for the next Alice in Wonderland inspired piece. I will start coloring it in later today.

Check my Instagram for progress shots!

and Thank You for your support!

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