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Motivational Monday: 1

I ran out new things to write about twice a week. Even once a week was getting hard. My life is not all that interesting. All I really do is create art and listen to music. There are only so many things one can write about on those activities.

I went online looking for ideas on what to write about. The internet did not let me down. I got some topics that I can work with. One that I thought was a great idea is “Motivational Monday.”

Pen and Ink Drawing of a male artist working on a drawing amid piles of crumpled paper.

I can use motivation. I bet others could use motivation. I need to work on “small” or short duration drawings. Everything I have been working on lately has taken me a week or more to finish.

Motivational Monday’s will now be a thing I do.

The image below is actually version 4. I always do a few versions in my head, I did two in my sketchbook and this one on a 5x7 bit of bristol.

I attempted to do a freehand person in my sketchbook version. it was not very good. The guys arms would be dragging on the ground and the foot is severely deformed. It took about an hour to do.

The one I present to you was done with a stock photo and a light table. It took about 2 hours to do. I usually print out a black and white high contrast version of the image I plan on using. Then I sketch out the lines I want and any important shadows. The only thing that I used for this one was the position of the guy and the shadows that make up the face. I changed the shirt and hair.

Like it says in the quote, I will keep trying to get better at people. One more time, then one more time and maybe... one more time. Eventually I will be able to draw a person that does not look like it should have been a sideshow at a carnival in the 1800's.

The goal is to do "Motivational Monday" every Monday. It will give me something to write about other than whatever boring thing is going on in my life. It will give me something positive to focus on.

Have a good Week!

PS. IF you want to see the horrid monstrosity I did in my sketchbook check out my Instagram account @bycarissac

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