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Today is motivational Monday and I was motivated to finish this piece. Originally my goal was to draw something based on a motivational quote. I have sketches for it.

I thought it would be better to show what kind of work you would be supporting should you choose to be a patron.

Next up are some smaller pieces. A few 5x7's on canvas board, some on paper to fit some small frames I have, and an 8x10 on canvas board.

I am trying to do some smaller things for three reasons.

1) I can get cheap frames at GoodWill and other thrift stores. Heck the Dollar Store has frames.

2) I can scan them and convert them into prints. I do not have many prints of my acrylic paintings.

3) Small things seem to be easier to sell. I love my art, but I am more than happy to part with it. Getting things out of my head and onto canvas or paper is great. Then you need to get them out of your workspace so you can make more.

I have a album on Facebook with a bunch of my stuff that is for sale. Check it out!

Help me make more space so I can make more art.


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