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Motivational Monday #2

Today’s motivational quote comes from Og Mandio. “Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.”

This quote has two parts in my mind. The first part is “Always do your best.”

The second part is “What you plant now, you will harvest later.” This is the hardest bit to feel good about.

It takes time to grow things, be it a plant, a dream into reality, or a business. This stuff does not happen over night, while you are asleep. The result of “your best” is not always visible right away. It can take years to show up.

I have been watching NCIS lately (I am getting over a cold.) It seems at least once a season most of the characters run into a similar problem. They do not think that what they are doing is worth anything; The cycle of bad guys never seems to end. The episode usually ends with one of the other team members giving the one in doubt a pep talk and reassurance. Things seem alright in their world for a while.

Life is not like television shows. You do not always get the reassurance. You may never get to hear someone tell you that your best is good enough. You may never get to see your harvest either.

You should still do it anyway. Do you best for yourself. So you can always be confident that you did indeed do your best. Anything that happens (good or bad) you still did everything you could have done.

After reading this three or four times, it seems disjointed and not very good. I am still dealing with fallout from my cold. I cannot think of a better way to write it. So I will leave it as is. Maybe in the future I will fix it.


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