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Motivational Monday #12

Getting this post in just under the proverbial line.

It was an interesting day today. I did lots of things.

House work.

Dropped off frames at a friends "Frame Rescue and Rehab Center." That is a joke. He is just framing lot of his epic art and is always looking for cool ones. I found some for him. Plus we got to chat. I do not have many friends I can just chat with.

Ran up to Blick in Seattle to get some red ink (I got two) and a few other odd and ends. I found this really awesome paper that I am going to use for a cool arty Halloween or Day of the Dead thing.

I got caught in the rain and was damp during the whole bus ride home (damp in jeans sucks.)

It took forever to get home.

Then I warmed up and relaxed.

Ran a quick errand and made dinner.

Chilled with the spouse and added the pen to the sketch I did on the way up to Seattle.

Now I should be heading to bed but I wanted to try to get


this posted real quick.

The quote today is...

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." penned by Ralph Waldo Emerson. He was a philosopher poet kind of person. He was really interested in transindentalism... basically people are good and the "system" has made the people corrupt. All people are able to be great and if they are left to their own devices they will do great things.

I like the idea of this, but I do not beleive it would ever work out. There are people that are not good. There are people who just want to have everything that other people have. There is a reason why we have seven deadly sins. People are flawed.

But a cool idea.

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