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Motivation Monday #13

Today's motivation is from George Bernard Shaw.

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

I totally agree.

When you start off you are mostly what your parents want you to be. They pick the bits and pieces of themselves that are "best" and give them to you. As you grow up you are exposed to more and more people with different "best" things you can pick and chose which ones will serve you best. As time goes on you can chose to get rid of things that no longer have a place.

In the end you are this amazing mosaic, a sculpture using various clays, stones, woods, and so many other materials.

I tried to take my time on this.

I am just so tired today. Getting up at 3:30 is not helping my afternoon energy levels. Plus I was on the phone with "customer service." That will suck the life out of anyone. AAANNNDD the problem was not resolved. I have to call again tomorrow.

On the plus side. Once this is resolved, it should be the LAST little bit of the fallout from the financially rough year I have had.


...not... no energy.

I did buy myself some Double Stuf Oreos though. mmmmm heaven.

Have a great week. I will post about arty things on Thursday.

Don't forget to check out ArtByCarissaC on Youtube. New videos on Thursdays! (Time Lapse Thursday...? is that a good name for them?)

I also have a bunch of stuff in my Etsy shop. Original art that has been framed, and framed prints. More will be coming (once I get more green.)

I am ALWAYS open to feedback and suggestions on improving my art, postings, and videos. Feel free to leave comments and input.

I WANT to get better!

I messed up the wording of the quote. I do that when I am not paying attention. *Sigh*


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