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October is Almost Over!

I don't remember much of September, other than I was busy and probably tired. I don't even have many notes about what was going on.

October has been awesome.

I have been able to do art and all kinds of fun things, like socializing!

I have been able to get to the gym, a few times at least. I will be able to go more next month. Let the strength training begin!

I have been streaming Inktober pretty early in the morning. I would love to keep doing 2hrs of art daily, but I would only have the motivation, time, and focus super early in the morning. Well, the motivation comes from steaming my art time. It is easier to get out of bed if I have a reason to do so. Being accountable to the stream schedule is really motivating.

Perhaps I will do a few days a week of early streams starting in 2023.

By the end of November, I plan on having an actual book based on my Inktober drawings and my friend's words to go along with it. The Adventures of Sir Lemon have been going great. I am excited to see what the final story and product are going to be.

I have a sticker design already and I am working on a bookplate. I have not been this jazzed about a project since Gourdtober a few years ago.

I will share a full gallery of the images in November. These few will have to tide you over.

You can watch me do these live on Twitch AND YouTube!

Oh and I almost forgot that I finished the Heaven and Hell digital painting! This was inspired by a photo my spouse took.

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