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I did a Give-Away!

I have reached a landmark on my Instagram (@bycarissac) account of 200 Followers. So I did a drawing... more of a raffle. I used two of my Inktober paintings as prizes.

I will do another contest when I hit 300 followers.



Tomorrow I will do a similar drawing for my Facebook account that reached 200 the day after Instagram did. The prize will be two other Inktober paintings.


One Day I imagine being able to hold give-away contests on YouTube and this website.

Today I started working on an octopus painting I started a few months ago, but set aside to work on commissions and Inktober. I am also in the planning stages for another set of drawings that will be made into a coloring book.

Today another time-lapse video was uploaded to my YouTube Channel today. It was the Flash inkwash drawing.

That should be all the news I have.

Have a great week!

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