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It's Thursday!?

Wow, this week has flown by.

I did not post anything on Monday. I was not motivated and I really did not have much to talk about.

Today is different.

Mostly because it is Thursday and things have been going this week.

1. I have sent off a bunch of art! I had art actually sell and I am stoked. I have a few people that are contemplating purchases and have to wait for their paychecks. Hopefully I will have more sales shortly.

2. I signed up for a small creepy holiday sales event. I withdrew from the RAWk Seattle event. I just do not have the energy to attempt to sell tickets and I cannot afford to buy out all the tickets.

3. I have started creating holiday art. I want to have some items ready in time for the December holidays. I already have one done and started another. I have ideas for 3 or 4 more.

4. I have ideas! I have so many ideas and I am thinking about how to make them work. Acrylic paintings and the holiday ink wash paintings.

5. I uploaded a video for the "Through the Fear" gouache painting to YouTube.

That is about all. I hope to be motivated to do the Monday blog post next week.

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