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10 Things I am Thankful For

It is Thanksgiving Day in the USA.

What is Thanksgiving?

People in the US and Canada have been educated to believe that our ancestors that landed on the North American continent almost three centuries ago, were saved by the natives during a bad winter. To show their thanks these settlers held a feast, when they were able to (probably a year or so later,) and invited the natives.




That is what we are taught. I kid you not.

Thanksgiving now is just a great excuse to have a short work week and justify the extra eating and extra laziness.

Some people actually think about the things that they are thankful for. Not something I normally do, but why not.

10 things I am thankful for:

10. Spell Check. I constantly miss letters as I try to type as fast as I think and read. Spell check keeps things pretty clear. Though I did type 'think' several times instead of 'thank.'

9. YouTube. I love to listen to music and watch videos. This year YouTube has been a great help. I had to give up Netflix and Hulu, so most of my Television watching has come from the lovely people that post shows on YouTube. In addition I have been posting my time lapse videos on the service. There is that.

(a video was realeased earlier today, make sure you go check it out *hint hint*)

8. Fans. You would think as an artist trying to make a living off art I would put my fans closer to the top. Nope. Most of my friends are fans (lots of love and thank you's) and I do not have that many fans. Also my fans are not helping me live off my art yet. So far I am only covering shipping costs for the year, it is not paying for new supplies or helping with bills.

I am thankful to have the few fans I do have. I love you all. As I acquire more fans that are able to help me reach my goal of supporting myself with my art, you will definitely move up my list.

7. Friends. Friends are kind of far down the list. I have never been great with people, even as a child, so I have mixed feelings about having friends. I love my friends and I am thankful for them.

6. The Internet. No internet no blog, no art marketing, and no reference photos/images. My art would be significantly different without the internet. I am not sure if it would be better or worse, more or less, but it would be different.

5. Public transportation. Not many know that I do not have a drivers licence. If I have to go any great distance I usually take the bus. It is a cheap and fairly reliable way to get to the places I frequent.

4. Music. Music goes with me almost everywhere. I listen while I paint, read, walk, bus, cook and do chores. You would think that it would be higher on the this than books, but it is not. Books were my salvation before music.

3. Books. Yep books. I love reading and research. Books are great, and in a pinch they make good art holders, raisers and weights. I am also thankful to the authors, writing is an art, and they are artists.

2. Art, mostly painting. Without art I would be lost. I would have no good way to express myself and how I understand the world. Art is an abstract concept, so it is kind of strange to be thankful for it, but I am.

1. My spouse. It is corny but I have really appreciated my spouse this year. We have had our differences and difficulties this year. We are still together and supporting each other. He has supported my decisions this year, even though the big one caused financial issues. He has been supportive in my desire to pursue art.

There you have it.

The 10 things I am most thankful for.

I know that things like family, work, and health are not on the the list.

I love my family, they are awesome, and I am thankful for them, just not as much as spell check... this year any way.

Work and health?

Weeeellll, that is a mixed bag. I am employed part time. That really does not cover many of the house expenses, but it does get me out and moving. As for health....

I am not on my death bed, but my allergies have been bad this year. My back has also been an issue this year.

What are you thankful for?

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