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Almost Christmas!

Christmas is three days away!

I bet the young and young at heart are excited.

The Holiday season is hard for lots of people. We remember friends and family that have past. You might be one of the many that are in a seasonal relationship or not in a relationship.

Make sure everyone feels the love of the season, so give your Scroogy friends a big hug and invite them over (if you can.) The invitation means a lot even if you are sure they will decline. Who knows, they might surprise you!

Today I have lots of art to share.

First it is Time-Lapse Thursday. A new video is available to watch on my Youtube channel, or you can watch it below. Santa has come to town!

Next up is these two Christmas wreaths I did.

One is creepy and the other less so.

The first one has metallic gold paint for the background. It looks very nice in person. It has a good feeling of depth.

The second has a gold leaf background. It also looks better in person. The gold leaf does take over the image though. I will not be using it as a background anytime soon. It is definitely better as an accent. It is extremely shiny though.



I will not be making prints of the second one. The gold leaf just does not photograph or scan very well (as you can see.) The creepy wreath will be available next year. Probably in July (Christmas in July!)

I am already starting to plan new things for 2018 and trying to figure out what shows and events I want to do. (Gotta get a new business licences first.)

Merry Christmas!

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