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Post ECCC 2018

It is always hard to get motivated to do things after I do a convention (here after referred to as con.) It is not usually the physical exertion that gets me, it is being much more extroverted that I naturally am. I liken it to being hung over from staying out to late for a few days in a row.

Today was the "hang" over day. I could not get my eyes to stay open until 10 am. My spouse was even worse. I could not get myself to cook real food or dress in "real" cloths (wearing pajamas all day FTW.) I read the comic books I purchased. I highly recommend Bones of the Coast. It is anthology of horror stories that takes place in the NW. I also picked up Aaron Alexovich's Stitched. Cute and I cannot wait to see what happens next. I eagerly await My Black's Don't Match #2 from Drew Rausch. I just cannot seem to remember to go to the website and read it. I much prefer the book versions anyway. I got another anthology, short monster stories, some were cute and some were scary. I enjoyed it but I picked it up because it was 1, an anthology 2, the cover glows in the dark and 3, Aaron Alexovich did the cover art. I already shelved it and, being the slug I am today, do not feel like getting up to get the title.

I also acquired several books. By acquired I mean I did not pay for them. They were given to me or left for "dead" at the con. The Lok by Tommy Rice, looks promising. Grunts was given to me so I could "go on a blind date with a book." Two others were left in the Alexandria RPG Library and have yet to be unpacked and read. It will happen.

I got a few peaces of art. You will want to check my Instagram @bycarissac to see what they were. The lazy slug in me is to tired to pull them over. I picked up stickers for the first time. I did not have a lot of money left on Sunday and I really liked a few things by some of the artists. I have no clue what to do with the stickers. I am not going to put them on my laptop. I would lose them when it dies. I might just put them on the wall of inspiration as space filler.

I took pictures this year! I do not usually have a brain cell left at the end of the day to do that. I saw some awesome stuff. I love the cosplayers. They are artists and brave. One year I would love to do a cosplay. Time and money and self confidence are not on my side right now.

Time to start on a new piece of art. I am going to work on something for a contest for the Badass Art Group over the next few days. We have to create a monochromatic piece in purple. My favorite color.

Night all!

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