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I have had a blog on the Wix platform for almost a year now. I have had Google Analytics hooked up for six months or so. Every two or three months I look at them to see what they have to say.

  1. My blog posts get read on Wednesdays between 11 am and 9 pm (PST.)

  2. Most of my website traffic is either a direct search (typing in the website) or via a Facebook link. Followed by Instagram and LinkedIn.

  3. My blog "categories" does not get used to help find related blog topics.

  4. While most of my readers are in the USA, I have a world wide audience.


What exactly does this mean?

  1. I am going to go down to one blog post a week, on Tuesdays.

  • That way it will be available on Wednesday morning for those who read it early. I will reschedule my video releases to Wednesdays as well.

  1. I will keep shamelessly plugging my art on Facebook and Instagram. I have a renewed appreciation of LinkedIn. I never would have thought anyone would read my posts and go to my site from that platform. I also have a Pinterest account. I really should put my art out to in on a more regular basis. *sigh* so much social media.

  2. I will make my categories more clear. Instead of just "journal," "work," etc. Stay tuned for that change.

  3. Thank you all for looking at my art! I am grateful for each and every person that visits my website.

I released the time lapse video of me painting the Cat Cuddles painting from Valentine's Day. It came out very cute. I have the original, prints, postcards and greeting cards available in the shop.

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