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Learning New Things

This week has been full of irritating happenings and a few good things.

I got a commission! Wooo. It should be done but irritation number one comes into play.

I had to reinstall the Operating System on my laptop. This means I had to reinstall all the software that I use to do the art thing. Normally this only takes a few hours (I do it on a regular basis and know what I need.) This time it took a bit longer... a lot longer. I was not able to reinstall MS Movie Maker. It is no longer available as stand alone software. You have to pay to get it as a part of MS Essentials.

I liked Movie Maker. Super easy to use and did what you wanted it to do, nothing extra fancy. It was also quick. I could edit 2 or 3 videos, work on some art (or a blog post) in a day. Perfect for what I need.

Since Movie Maker is gone, I will be using Adobe Premiere Pro (I am paying for it as a part of my Creative Suite subscription, might as well use it.) Premiere is a lot of software for what I want to do. It took me all day to figure out how to use it (ok 5 hours, but that is a long time.) Now it is going to take an hour (or more) to export it. Not cool and not what I needed to add to the other not cool things going on this weekend.

My allergies have been bad this weekend. I would love to scratch out my eyes and chop off my nose (a lot of snot.) I would love to not have allergies. They make me tired and more irritable than normal.

Another thing that has been going on is that I have been working more. Four to five days of the week, so more like a "normal" work schedule. I am getting about 30 hours a week. I am having trouble keeping up with everything, allergies, work, art, and home. A big part of it is the allergies. They suck a lot of energy out of me.

Here is the video! Woot.

I really appreciate all your support.

Let me know if I can improve on anything! I want to get better with my blogs and videos.

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