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{Insert Catchy Title Here}

I know that most people read the title of the email, blog post, or video and use that to decided if they are going to read / watch the thing. I have a terrible time coming up with "catchy" titles. The ones that I think are catchy are usually not to anyone else. Not that I write this for other people. Just me adding my voice to the din.


Since my last post I have...

1. Completed two paintings! A gouache spring time bunny with daffodills and clover. The second is was an ink wash commission of a cat and some flowers. I think I did amazing on both of them. I really do get better the more I do things.

2. Worked a lot at the "day jobs." Two days at Job 1 and three days at Job 2. They are both good jobs. I will always have a complaint about not having time or energy to do art as long as I am working for others. I do need to keep the roof over my art supplies, art supplies, and other things like; food, electricity, tea, books and art supplies.

3. Had a bad allergy day and spent half of Sunday in bed. Allergies suck. I have post about it before and I will post about it again.

Things I would like to do next week.

1. Edit more videos.

2. Get those commission things done.

3. Create a new "Secret Language of Flowers" ink wash painting. I have two statements that I need to get done before the summer vendor season gets under way. So I

need to get one done as soon as possible.

4. Yard work. We need to wrangle our yard. I will be helping with that... and possibly having horrible allergic outbursts. The severity of these will dictate how much of the rest of my list I get done.

I did have a video for this week, but I decided I wanted to save it for later. I will have a video uploaded this evening and I will modify this post to add the link.

You can always go to you YouTube channel and subscribe. Then you will not have to wait for the blog post or Facebook notice about the videos.

Just Sayin'.


I got the video uploaded this morning!

I did a nice coherent voice over for it!

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