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The Year Marches on...

The year Marches on….

The first quarter of the year is already over! I have a hard time believe it.


Looking back on March it was not as busy with art as it was just busy.

Emerald City Comicon took up the first week.

Then lots of day job success.

Lots of unproductive days due to allergies (even had to call out of work.)

In total I did three full size works.

A Purple Fairy, the Spring Bunny and the Tiger Lily commission. I also sent off some art to be a part of a raffle basket to help rescue animals. On top of those I did prep a bunch of stuff to be created and edited a whole bunch of video.

Looking back I do not feel that March was great. I think March was close to a month of down time or recovery time. I was busy in January and February, having a slow month is probably a good thing.

Today’s video is the Spring Bunny time lapse. Thank you to the few people that voted on which video I should post today.

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