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Un-Motivated Monday

I am working today (Tuesday) so I am writing this on Monday.


I am not really motivated to do much today. If I could have I would have stayed in bed. Alas, it could not be. I ws asked to do an errand and I had to pick up a few things for dinner.... and cook dinner.

My "grayness" is related to my allergies. The allergies trigger asthma. Asthma issues means that I do not get enough air to my brain. All this gets worse when it rains. The air is "thicker" and harder to get what the brain needs out of it. When the weather clears up and the pollen count goes down I will be much better.

My "grayness" over the past few days has gotten me thinking about depression and my friend that committed suicide six months ago. Depression is a strange beast. It makes people who are awesome believe that they are not awesome. It makes things seem bleak, pointless, and hopeless.

How can you visualize these things so other people will understand, even a tiny bit.

I want to try to do some art to show some of these things. The extreme emotions, procrastination, the bleakness, disassociation, and a lot of the other things that people with depression talk about. Maybe... I do not know.

I have a few other things that I am trying to get started. Several things that I should finish.

This weekend I did a bunch of stuff with resin.

I also uploaded a video, after all the craziness with the laptop.

There is a video, it is just "blank" because I set the link up before the video is "live."

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